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Trade Services

At Waxcarving we have been providing award-winning specialist services for the Jewellery Trade since 1991.

To date we have won a total of 19 awards across our specialist fields, Prototyping, Design and Manufacture. We have worked with artists and designers that range from the traditional to the avant-garde, with established centuries old jewellery houses to students and start-ups, and on scales that range from tiny charms to sculptures and candelabra.

Whatever your requirements, mundane or outlandish, at Waxcarving you'll find a patient and sympathetic ear, born from many years of the broadest experience you'll ever encounter. From detailed drawings and complex schematics to simple scribbles or vague notions we can bring your ideas to glorious life. Visit the Gallery Page to get an idea of some of the type of waxcarving commissions we have undertaken and a rough guide to prices.

 Contact us on 0779 6218999 or 0770 9311944


Wax Carving and Modelling

Traditional hand carving is our prime area of specialisation and the one for which we are most famous. We are particularly renowned for our figurative work, flowers, animals, human figures and fabulous mythological beasts. We can produce a master pattern with a mould (see below) or simply a wax.

One of the great advantages of wax-carving is that you are getting a unique one of a kind artwork, unrepeatable and sculpted for you alone.

CAD designers will keep copies of all your files, something that is impossible with our working methods.


Traditional Fabrication

 Where appropriate we produce protoypes and master-patterns from sheet, wire and chenier (tube) using traditional fabrication methods, on their own or in conjunction with carved components. Obviously this allows us to produce items unobtainable purely by fabrication. As with Wax Carving and Modelling, we also offer a Mould making service (see below).


Mould Making

We also have mould making facilities and offer this as add-on service to our prototyping service or a as a stand-alone service. With many years of experience we have perfected cutting moulds with production in mind. Pieces sprued in sensible easy to clean places, which will save you time and money.



While we don't actually use CAD/CAM ourselves, we do work very closely with a highly experienced CAD specialist. We have combined CAD and wax-carved components with spectacular results and are probably unique in being the only company able to offer a combined service of this sort.



Design and Design Consultancy

With over 20 years experience and having worked with the widest possible range of designers, artists, individual jewellers and jewellery houses, we now have vast and diverse experience. We can design your collection for you producing drawings and hand painted renderings.

We also specialise in Design Optimisation. We can help you get the most from your designs, spotting and maximising potential in ways you may not even have previously considered. We can analyse your designs, spotting potential design and manufacture problems and offering solutions that will prevent costly mistakes. We can assist in optimisation for production, streamlining your designs to save time in manufacture, helping to keep price points low and maximising profit.

First 30 minute consultation is FREE.



Fine quality manufacture for small production runs, limited edtions, catwalk pieces and samples. Larger production runs can be accomodated with prior arrangement.

Over the years we have built up an exceptional network of some of the finest craftspeople in the country, with whom we have superb working relationships, whatever we don't do in house, we can arrange and manage on your behalf.