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Tiny Treasures from an ancient sea..

Discover the marvellous marine delights of forgotten Atlantean realms in the Nereid Collection.

All items are initially sculpted by hand and reproduced using the 6000 year old Lost Wax Casting technique.

5% (rounded up to the nearest pound) of the price from every item in this collection will be donated to Sea Shepherd marine conservation.

For Thetis

Designed and made by Russell Lownsbrough.

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This collection was mostly inspired by the following quote from Homer's The Iliad - chapter 18 (Thetis visits Hephaistos)

     So speaking the queen amongst goddesses led her inside. She then sat her down on a beautiful chair, finely worked with silver studs, with a footstool underneath, and called to Hephaistos the famous craftsman and said: 'Hephaistos, come out here - Thetis is here with a request for you.' Then the famous lame god answered her: 'Oh, then a goddess I revere and honour is in our house. She saved me, when I was in pain after the great fall brought upon me by my own shameless mother, who wanted to hide me away because I was crippled. I would have suffered agonies of heart then, if Thetis had not taken me in and welcomed me to her bosom, Thetis and Eurynome, the daughters of the circling stream of Ocean. I lived among them for nine years, crafting jewellery in abundance - brooches and curved bracelets, earrings and necklaces - down there in the hollow cave, surrounded by the foam and roar of Ocean streaming endlessly on: and no-one else among gods or men knew of it, but only Thetis and Eurynome knew as they had saved me. And now Thetis has come to our house - so I must do all that I can to repay lovely-haired Thetis the debt of my life. So you now set out fine food for our guest, while I put away my bellows and all my tools.'